Computer Virus

How to make a Computer Virus

How To Create a PC Virus In Less Than Sixty Seconds (The Notepad virus tricks)

Maybe you ever wished to create your computer virus, either for a prank or for your learning?

Virus creation may take knowledge and time; anyone can create a virus if they are serious about it. Making a virus can train you on how programming language may works, also network security and operating system. It is clear that Virus is a malicious program which affects your PC without the owner’s consent and also affects the information and the operation of your operating system. Viruses may do unwanted tasks like duplicating itself corrupting the user files and many more. We are likely going to make some scripts, which will be executed to break or destroy the system.

What do we understand by the term Computer Virus? These are little projects that can reproduce themselves and after that spread all through your system. This is typically managed without a client’s information.

Making a computer virus is a most requesting and slanting questions for all PC nerds. We are sharing the ideal ways and techniques on the best way to make a PC virus effectively selective on Qd Tricks.

These days, it is simple to make a virus, and every time an individual sitting with his laptop or PC makes new sort of virus in simple steps. It may be simple, but this distinctive sort of virus made is very harmful, and they erase and get to the different confidential data of an individual.

A computer virus is a harmful program which goes into a computer system without consent and effects the information and the working of the OS (operating system). Here we the best and simple steps of how to make a computer virus.

A virus is of different kinds, and types like Trojan horse and every one of them are harmful and different as well. Things being what they are, have you at any point thought on the best way to make a virus alone? It is simple, and one can make it in seconds. Utilizing a simple and straightforward technique, you can make an infection and make destruction. The majority of you would feel that the strategy includes a ton of coding which should be executed. Let’s check this connect to fix this windows isn’t real which will assist you with coming out from these windows mistake.

You should essentially expound on 6 to 10 words to make a perilous virus that would result in the erase the computer drive and the laptop. The trick on the best way to make a PC virus includes utilizing the notepad and composing some of the words identified with a batch program which would naturally keep running as and when your computer is opened. Thus, what may likely happen is that the chosen drive will be formatted and it’s likely to corrupt the OS (operating system) of the PC. To avoid these virus attacks use avast antivirus and utilize this avast permit keys to scan your PC for viruses.

Make Virus.bat File


  • First you required to open the notepad found in the Windows OS.
  • Then copy paste the beneath given code in notepad screen:
  • You then needed to save the given file as virus.bat
  • Here you can choose any sort of random name however there ought to be “.bat” after the document name.
  • While running the file virus, it would basically erase the C drive completely and the OS of that PC would get ruined.

One thing that you have to remember on the best way to make a virus is that this technique must be utilized for learning and one must abstain from utilizing it in a genuine environment. Ensure that you don’t attempt this on the PC as the C drive will be totally erased.

Computer viruses are disadvantageous, and I wouldn’t recommend anyone to create or run one since it’s likely to corrupt the PC and the data in the drive.