Best iPhone chargers 2021

Everyone knows that the new generation of iPhones are sold without chargers, and the old chargers are notorious for always breaking after a short time because the quality of the cable left much to be desired. When it is your time to buy a new charger for your iPhone it can contribute to a more efficient charging device, in addition, it is not very expensive. In this article, we have collected the best models of chargers for iPhone to facilitate your search.

Apple MagSafe charger

To begin with, it should be said that this device is only suitable for owners of iPhone 12 and above. It is a powerful new charging solution that works as follows: there are magnets on the back of the new iPhones, the charger connects to them without a port, and charges the phone by induction. With this option, you no longer have to worry about breaking your ports or the connector, and the charging time will be times shorter.

But there is one disadvantage – the device will not be able to connect to the phone if it is wearing too tight a case, it must be constantly removed.

Anker 20W USB-C PowerPort III Nano

This is a small portable apple dongle which despite its size is very powerful. It has a 20W charge to charge your device in the shortest time possible and also works with any model of iPhone, even the iPhone 12. The charger also boasts of its long working life, thanks to the heat dissipation function and the increased electrical efficiency.

The kit comes with two of them so you can carry one with you and leave the other at work/in the car or anywhere else you might use it.

20W Apple USB-C Adapter

The main problem with older iPhone models is that while they have high charging speeds, they come with chargers with fairly low power. The Apple USB-C Adapter will help solve this problem and provides fast charging for all models of iPhone and even other Apple devices. So you will get great benefits from charging all the Apple devices in the house with just one charger.

Anker 4-Port PowerPort Atom III

If you own several Apple products with different charging conditions, the Anker 4-Port PowerPort Atom III is the perfect solution for them all, because it is designed to provide charging for multiple devices in a compact form. Note that charging requires an outlet, so make sure you have one.

Moshi Otto Q Wireless Charger

Wireless chargers are extremely convenient, so if this is your first time buying a portable charger, Moshi might be your ideal option. This device has a minimal design and a charge of 15 W, which is guaranteed to last a long time without damage as it has a soft shell and a silicone ring to firmly fix the charge on the device. Its functionality is not affected by the thickness of the case, but charging will not work if it detects a metal device nearby.